Chogan Parfum Nr. 109


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Chogan Perfume No. 109 has a sensual fragrance with a composition of slightly sweet, powdery and beguiling floral. This exclusive perfume exudes warm elegance.

Fragrance: vanilla, floral, sweet
Top note: jasmine, rose
Heart note: vanilla tonka bean
Base note: ambergris, French ladan resin, patchouli.

Content: 50ml

3 ml
50 ml

This is an original Chogan product.
All references to other names and/or brands are purely descriptive to aid identification of the fragrance. The trademarks and names included belong to their respective owners. Anyone purchasing a Chogan product is purchasing an ORIGINAL CHOGAN product.

Chogan Parfums Luxury

Chogan Parfum Nr. 109

"... DIOR - J'Adore L'or®..."

Original Chogan Parfume

Proven quality

Made in Italy

Original Chogan Parfum Unisex

Product description

Chogan Perfume No. 1o9 is an exclusive perfume for women, which enchants all the senses with floral and sweet notes. The composition of noble ingredients gives the fragrance an oriental character, which is expressive and sensual.

The top note of the perfume consists of fragrant jasmine and lovely rose, which provide a sensual prelude. In the heart note, vanilla and tonka bean combine to create a sweet, seductive bouquet. Base notes of amber, landan resin and patchouli give the fragrance character and depth with a lingering beguiling impression.

Chogan Perfume No. 109 is floral, pleasantly sweet, multi-faceted and reminiscent of a walk in a flower meadow. Due to its lightness, the fragrance is an excellent companion for the day.

The powdery fragrance is packaged in a noble bottle with a classic design that emphasizes the luxurious character of the perfume. With Chogan Perfume No. 109 you can immerse yourself in a world of sensuality and elegance and emphasize your personal style in a unique way.


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